Boston Off the Beaten Path: Some of the City’s Most Unusual Sights

Boston Off the Beaten Path: Some of the City’s Most Unusual Sights

By Erin Sherry|2018-11-02T16:08:29+00:00April 19th, 2018|

When I first moved to Boston three years ago, I was overwhelmed by how many fascinating attractions the city had to offer. But after hitting up all of the most famous sights, I soon became curious about what other eclectic spots I might be missing. Here are some of my favorite unique spots!


6 Clearway St., Boston

Don’t be fooled by this shabby convenience store’s appearance, it’s actually a luxury shoe store—If you can find the entrance! (Hint: It’s behind the old Snapple machine!)

The “U” Bench

Jamaica Pond, Jamaica Plain

The history of this less-than-functional park bench is almost as quirky as its appearance! Located unsuspectingly at the edge of picturesque Jamaica Pond, this U-shaped bench has no discernable front or back, and was erected as an art prank in 2006. Despite not having originally been city-approved, it’s been there ever since!

Museum of Bad Art (MoBA)

55 Davis Square, Somerville

Located in the Somerville Theater, MoBA is exactly what it sounds like: a space dedicated to sharing the worst of art with the widest of audiences! If you love a good art museum like I do, a trip to MoBA is a fun break from the norm.

Whether you’re visiting Bean Town for the weekend or have considered yourself a local for years, try paying a visit to one of these unusual attractions for an off-the-beaten-path Boston experience!

About the Author: Erin Sherry

Erin Sherry
Erin was a 2018 Spring Intern at PSG. She enjoys writing, reading and matcha tea! Her favorite authors are Nicole Krauss and Haruki Murakami.
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