Destination Literature: New York City

Destination Literature: New York City

By Lindsay Howard|2018-07-18T16:40:18+00:00July 19th, 2018|

My first destination literature blog post took us all the way to Italy, but this time I’m going to venture a bit closer to home: glamorous New York City. NYC has always been a go-to travel destination and is the perfect spot for a long weekend.

In Amor Towles’s novel The Rules of Civility, 1930s NYC is brought to life in an exquisitely posh and vivid light, with characters living in the height of the city’s elite society.

On your next trip to the city that never sleeps, explore some of the sights that Towles’s characters would flock to. You can start your morning by visiting a new and edgy studio from an up-and-coming artist, and maybe even discuss their artistic inspirations over a cup of coffee. Next, you can stop for brunch in bustling Manhattan—here you’ll find the perfect place, whether you’re looking for a crystal-chandeliered dining room or a quaint, often-overlooked café. To close out your day, a leisurely boat ride around New York Harbor is the perfect way to escape the city’s liveliness and enjoy a tranquil night against the lit-up skyline.

About the Author: Lindsay Howard

Lindsay Howard
Lindsay was a 2018 Summer Intern at PSG. She loves looking for new coffee shops to spend her free time in. There, she'll most likely be reading dystopian literature or listening to soundtracks from musicals. When she isn't out and about, she enjoys playing the violin.
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