PSG Reads: The Staff’s Favorite Places to Read

PSG Reads: The Staff’s Favorite Places to Read

By Sarah Terrazano|2018-08-10T16:32:41+00:00July 20th, 2017|

We’re a staff of passionate readers at PSG, and when not working with words in the office, we make time to read for fun in some of our favorite places.

  • Kate’s favorite place to read is reclining on her porch on a warm weekend morning,but she also does a lot of reading as a commuter, where she can be caught peeking at what others on the bus are reading, looking for suggestions.
  • Alyssa can get lost in a book anywhere she’s comfortable, but often prefers a sunny deck. She’ll also admit that as a kid, she loved finding a good hiding spot, where she’d bring a book and be good for hours.
  • Tess also loves a sunny deck to concentrate on a good book; although she envies how others can read in coffee shops—she knows she’s too much of a people-watcher.
  • Colleen enjoys relaxing with a book on the beach, but now that she has kids, she doesn’t have much beach-reading time when she’s keeping an eye on them. Now she prefers to read before bed, because even if it makes her stay up too late, the alternative is not reading much at all—which isn’t an option, in her book.
  • Matthew enjoys reading either on the beach or on a plane, as he concentrates best with some background noise.
  • Karla can curl up under a blanket on the couch for hours with a good book.
  • Rachel likes to read in bed late at night to wind down for the day, which she also thinks is because she “never grew out of bedtime stories.”
  • Don enjoys readingin a comfy chair in the shade while on a camping trip, where he can fully relax. Unlike other staff members, reading in bed just puts him to sleep.

My favorite place to read is on the beach in the summer, with the sand in my toes and the wind in my hair. Hopefully we’ll all have enough downtime this summer to unwind with a good book or two!

About the Author: Sarah Terrazano

Sarah Terrazano
Sarah Terrazano was a 2017 Summer intern.
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