If you’re looking to time travel and are intrigued by all things Renaissance, then look no further than King Richard’s Faire! The Faire is located in Carver, Massachusetts, just under two hours from Boston and is running until October 21. I recently attended this annual Renaissance-style fair, and it has attractions for all ages, including the following:


  • singing performances
  • jousting
  • mud show
    • Two men who call themselves the “Sturdy Beggers” cover themselves in mud and compete for money to see who is the better “Sturdy Begger.”
  • Washing Well Wenches
    • Geared toward an older audience, this show is full of comedy and is the most interactive performance from the Faire—the audience is part of the show!


  • axe and knife throws
    • See if you have what it takes to hit the target!
  • Giant Stryker
    • The classic fair/carnival game of strength—if you “stryke” the target hard enough, a bell will go off.
  • Swan Swing
    • This swing ride is one of the many rides perfect for young children!


  • booths with Renaissance-style clothing, jewelry and handbags
  • Remembrance Shoppe
    • The souvenir shop that sells everything from swords and princess hats to music albums and sweatshirts.

King Richard’s Faire is a unique experience that’ll make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. If you get a chance to get to Carver, I definitely recommend experiencing it for yourself!