Adventures in E-Publishing

Adventures in E-Publishing

By Angela Haas|2018-12-13T09:55:01+00:00December 13th, 2018|

Whenever I see someone coding on a computer, I get a sense of excitement as I wonder what they’re creating and how they’re creating it.

I first tried coding ebooks during my freshman year of college. I participated in an intro workshop run by a club at my school and was intimidated at first. The characters on the screen hurt my eyes and I kept messing up. And I was too scared to go back on the day they actually made ebooks.

But I gave digital publishing another shot as a sophomore and enrolled in an electronic publishing course, where I learned more about HTML and CSS. My confidence was increasing, so I applied to be Digital Assistant at the club and was hired!

The e-publishing course was my favorite class, but it proved to be a little more difficult than expected. I was already a Digital Assistant at this point, so I continued working with HTML and CSS with the hope that I’d rekindle my excitement for digital publishing.

Now I’m the Digital Director of the club. I run the same workshop that I was previously intimidated by and am becoming a whiz at InDesign and Dreamweaver!

Learning about digital publishing has been difficult, but rewarding. I’m happy that I pushed myself, and I look forward to learning more about every aspect of publishing!

About the Author: Angela Haas

Angela Haas
Angie was a Fall 2018 intern at PSG. She enjoys running and listening to mystery podcasts (though not at the same time), and can often be found savoring a hot chocolate at the nearest coffee shop!
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