Ask someone what their absolute favorite song is, and odds are they’ll have difficulty choosing just one. The staff here at PSG are no exception. I went around the office to compile a list of everybody’s favorite songs, but could only get an answer by ensuring it only had to be one of their favorite songs.

With the responses I got, I decided to create a PSG playlist, perfectly ordered for guaranteed enjoyment. Get ready to kick back and relax with the PSG staff as you get to know their favorite songs!

  1. “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode (Lori)
  2. “Warrior People” by Nahko and Medicine for the People (Sarah)
  3. “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby and the Range (Melina)
  4. “Defying Gravity” from the Wicked soundtrack (Trina)
  5. “Hallelujah” covered by Brandi Carlile (Colleen)
  6. “Familiar Taste of Poison” by Halestorm (Alex)
  7. “Hate to See Your Heart Break” by Paramore (Nora)
  8. “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World (Annette)
  9. “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” by Sufjan Stevens (Erin)
  10. “Rock Lobster” by The B-52’s (Don)
  11. “Something” by The Beatles (Tess)
  12. “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush (Tim)
  13. “Baba O’Riley” by The Who (Kate)

Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite song or a band you’ve never heard before—enjoy!