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At PSG, we love what we do. We are creative, editorial, technical, production and multilingual experts—and we’re always on the lookout for people just like us. PSG’s executive staff averages more than 20+ years each in the publishing industry. Around this core staff, we assemble the most reliable resources in the industry to precisely fit each project’s needs. Our internal team is made up of the most talented, driven, smart and thoughtful individuals in the industry. We work hard, play hard and manage our client’s projects with care, dedication and a smile.

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New Season Means New Seasons: PSG’s Favorite Fall Shows

Fall has arrived and there are new television shows starting up this season that some PSG staff members are very excited for, while others are returning with new seasons that are garnering just as much enthusiasm. During this time of the year I always get ready for a new [...]

PSG is Sweet: The Staff’s Favorite Desserts

After a busy day at the office, it can be nice to unwind with something sweet. At PSG, we all have different ways of treating ourselves. Here are some of the staff’s favorite desserts. Katy enjoys lemon squares and homemade banana “ice cream” (which is actually just blended, frozen [...]

Read Like PSG: Our Reading Habits

When I delve into a book, I like to read every chapter name before I start in. I always like to have some idea of what I’m getting into. This is a practice I sort of fell into, though I never realized the other PSG staff members might also [...]

PSG Reads: The Staff’s Favorite Places to Read

We’re a staff of passionate readers at PSG, and when not working with words in the office, we make time to read for fun in some of our favorite places. Kate’s favorite place to read is reclining on her porch on a warm weekend morning,but she also does a lot [...]

PSG Staff Screams for Ice Cream!

For the past seven summers, I have been scooping homemade ice cream at a local shop in New Hampshire. In honor of July being National Ice Cream Month, and as the resident ice cream expert on site, I decided to investigate which frozen treats the PSG staff holds nearest [...]

PSG Staff’s Must-Have Music

Here at PSG, it’s clear that our musical tastes cover a range of styles and sounds. I have a soft spot for Irish music—both traditional and contemporary—with a fondness for all songs involving Heidi Talbot. But I wanted to see what others thought, so I asked around to see [...]

PSG Takes Ken Out to the Ball Game!

Losing an MVP to retirement can be bitter sweet, however, it is still a time to celebrate so PSG took Ken, VP of Sales & Development, to Fenway Park for one last hurrah! We had #imwithKen stickers made so Ken had his very own team for the day! We [...]

Kudos to Ken—PSG’s Ken Scherpelz Retires

Please join us in extending the very best wishes to our VP of Sales and Business Development, Ken Scherpelz, as he retires from Publishing Solutions Group after 11 years of dedicated service. Ken has a long and storied career in educational publishing. After receiving his BA in elementary education [...]

Tales of Talent: The Secret Skills of the PSG Staff

Among the staff at PSG there are all sorts of talents. There is, of course, great skill in our many publishing services, but everyone’s skills here go beyond those. We have everyone from athletes to musicians and performers. I’m proud of my gymnastics history. I competed on the uneven [...]

PSG Reads: What We’re Reading Now

As a child, I was the classic bookworm—there was rarely a time when I was seen without a novel held lovingly in my arms. I fit in well at PSG it seems: My coworkers are proud to call themselves bookworms, too. Let’s peek into the bookshelves of the PSG [...]

Our First Jobs: Movies, Snacks and Get-Well-Soon Cards

During the interview for my first job at a coffee shop, I was asked what my greatest achievement was. Being only 15 at the time, I was hard-pressed for an answer and honestly can’t even remember what I sputtered out. Luckily, my response was good enough and I was [...]

PSG Bookshelf: Staff’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy Favorites

Some of my fondest high school memories involve Lord of the Rings marathons with my Dungeons & Dragons group, so I guess one could say I’m a fantasy fan. Growing up, I frequently read L. Frank Baum’s Oz books (after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, there are several more [...]

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The expression “toasting” to good health originated from the practice of dropping a piece of toast into wine.

The expression “toasting” to good health originated from the practice of dropping a piece of toast into wine.

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