PSG's professional staff plays an integral role in providing high-quality service to our clients and building products through teamwork and innovation.

Lori Becker
Lori BeckerPresident & CEO
Don Ayer
Don AyerProduction Manager
Matthew Bourchier
Matthew BourchierVP, Sales & Relationship Management
Colleen Joyce
Colleen JoyceSenior Project Manager
Annette Cinelli Trossello
Annette Cinelli TrosselloSenior Editor & Project Manager
Tim Jones
Tim JonesSenior Project Manager
Kate Carroll
Kate CarrollCopyeditor
Tess Renault
Tess RenaultEditorial Assistant
Nora Chan
Nora ChanJunior Project Manager
Melina Leon
Melina LeonAssistant Project Manager
Elizabeth Dice
Elizabeth DiceProject Manager
Richard Carson
Richard CarsonSenior Editor
Angie Haas
Angie HaasEditorial Intern
Jamaica Stuart
Jamaica StuartEditorial Intern

The dot over the letter i is called a tittle.

The dot over the letter i is called a tittle.

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